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Happy Freebie Friday! Hope you have found Behavior Week helpful! In many of the posts this week I included suggestions and photos of different visuals to use to implement some of these strategies. Thought I’d end Behavior Week with giving you some of these visuals ready-to-go. Print, laminate, and get to using them in your classroom!

Social Story for how to appropriately ask for attention from friends and teachers. Social stories are great to show what behaviors to do instead of what not to do.

Download Time with Friends Social Story!

Visuals for “I need help please” – one plain and one color coded to use to ask for help.

Script for asking for help. Would be great to mount on a desk or in a binder.

Easy script for asking for help. Great for students with emerging language.

Download the I need help Visuals!

Visual rules for how to get out of time out. First you need good behavior, then you can get out of time out.

Download Time Out First, Then Visual.

Check out last week’s freebie time out visual with video tutorial!

Visuals for asking for a limited amount of breaks. Once you request all of the breaks – you are done! I included an eight break and four break version.

Download Break Please!




Monday: Identifying Target Behaviors and Function (you gotta know where to start right?)

Tuesday: Attention Maintained Behaviors (every classroom has some of this… you now who I’m talking about)

Wednesday: Escape Maintained Behaviors (what crafty and clever things are you students doing to get out of work and how can we stop it?)

Thursday: Sensory Behaviors (let’s delve into the whole wonderful world of scripting, stimming, and more)

Friday: Behavior Management Freebies and more!


  1. Thank you for sharing these resources!!!

  2. Very helpful, practical advice and freebies! Thanks for a crash course in Behavior 101 all week!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Mary! So glad it was helpful to you 🙂

  4. You’re welcome Sue! Hope they help with your students!

  5. I have a student who is very aggressive when he does not get his way. Myself and my assistants advise the student after he does the work he will get crayons, puzzles or a work task (anything he enjoys) but at this time he’s already upset and throws anything he can get ahold of and hits all the adults. Also, after lunch when my male para leaves for his lunch the student takes the opportunity to act out (becomes aggressive, wants to leave the room). He does the work when given but when it becomes too much or he doesn’t want to do it he becomes aggressive. We try breathing excercises and I let him know he can have a break after and at times he will be understanding and others he will continue to be aggressive. To himself and to the adults. Any advice. Thank you

  6. Hi Christy, Have you considered if the work is too challenging or too long of a time period for him? I would check out these posts on escape behaviors: For now, keep the work sessions short and the work should be previously mastered. You need to get some buy-in (I do work – I get reinforcer). Gradually increase complexity of work and length of work sessions. Hope this helps!

  7. Thank you. The work I give him he would finish quickly. But it’s usually preferred.


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