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One week of work with the kids is almost down – several thousand to go… Jokes, jokes I love my little babies and we had a really great week.

Here is a behavior management freebie for you today. This is part of my ultimate behavior management packet and one of my all time favorite behavior management visuals to use in my classroom.

Disclaimer: this visual should only be used for students whose behavior is reinforced by attention! If students are having inappropriate behaviors to get positive or negative attention from staff or teachers – a time out is in appropriate punishment that could be effective because you will be removing attention. Do NOT use this type of intervention/visual for behaviors that are functioning as a method of escape – ie to get out of a task, avoid work, get out of a social interaction etc. – using a time out procedure will just be giving them exactly what they want! And the bad behaviors will never go away and could get worse – have I scared you yet??


Here is your time out freebie (pdf version)! Happpppppy Friday!


I linked up with Teaching Blog Addict’s Freebie Friday for Open House Week! Check out all the other great freebies!


  1. This is great! Question- how do you use this with/without a token system? Let’s say a student is working for computer….do you use this timeout visual for negative behavior and the token board for positive behavior? Not sure if I’m wording it right (it’s been a long day!) so let me know if this doesn’t make sense! Thanks- you are so helpful to me!!

  2. No I totally get what you mean and yes I do use both (token economy and timeout visual) for some students. For some kids, one system seems to work. Ie. if they are super motivated to earn their reinforcer with the token economy they may not engage in negative behaviors. But some kiddos need both – that way they have a way to be working for something while at the same time you have a system for decreasing negative behaviors. Gosh – I hope I make sense now!

  3. Yes that does make sense! So it’s ok to be using both at the same time- great, thanks!

  4. Do you use this for a specific time frame? As in, you start over the strikes after a given amount of time or is it 3 strikes for the whole day? Just curious.

  5. Depends on the student! I would look at baseline data, consider how difficult to get in and out of TO, and make sure that TO is an effective/appropriate intervention.


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