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Focus on Five: Leap Day Activities

Leap Day happens once every four years, so make it special!  My cousin was born on leap day, so I remember being a kid and thinking it was such an interesting and unusual concept that there coulf be an extra day one year and then it wasn't there the following year....

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Being a Resource

Teachers do so much more than just teach. And on top of EVERYTHING else we have going on, we are a resource to our entire school and community. We are constantly helping our schools better understand autism, helping our staff better serve our students, and helping our...

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What we do


Sasha travels internationally providing professional development to teachers, parents, and administrators. Learn real-world strategies that you can use in your classroom tomorrow! From literacy to data to behavior, each event can be customized to meet the needs of the group.


Work one-on-one with Sasha to create an efficient and effective classroom environment. We provide consultative services in-person or online at both the individual or school level. Learn how to implement a range of ideas and strategies to your specific group of students.

Education Products

Our curriculum and educational resources are designed specifically for learners with autism. Provide your students the opportunity to learn and grow with resources that are structured, visually based, and data driven. Our differentiated materials include options for preschool through high school.

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