Using Art to Target IEP Goals

Categories: Art & Fine Motor

Continuing the theme of generalization and really applying all of those skills that your students have worked so hard on learning all year – let’s talk about art. Unfortunately, art class is sometimes cut for our general education buildings. Or if it’s not cut it’s underfunded, evicted from the classroom (and given the dreaded art cart), or our students only have art for a quick class period a week. So it’s our job to bring art into the classroom. Art can be a great way to tie in IEP goals of all kinds!

Through art projects you can target:

  • color identification
  • expressive and receptive vocabulary
  • counting
  • one to one correspondence
  • fine motor skills
  • social skills: turn taking, commenting, reciprocal questions, empathetic statements, and more
  • problem solving
  • listening and reading comprehension
  • follow directions
  • sequencing
  • categorizing and associations

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What are your favorite ways to use art in the classroom?


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