Visual Craft Instructions {free}

Here is a free printable for the visual directions for crayon melting. This is a super fun activity and it uses up your leftover crayons! This is the microwave version so could be done at school or home! You can use ice cube trays, muffin tins, or small tupperware containers. We like using fun shaped ice cube trays – Ikea sells some awesome fish and heart ones! My students love seeing the different color melt together. This could be easily integrated into a science unit on physical properties too (if you going to get all academic on me!).

download here: crayon melting

Here is another free printable for visual directions for making tie-dye t-shirts. We made tie-dye shirts for jerseys for our first year at Special Olympics and we got SO many compliments. Our kids had a blast too making this. If you are carefully organized this was surprisingly way less messy and chaotic that I thought it would be. I used small containers for each color and we got in small groups (2 students). Rubber banding was hard but awesome work for fine motor skills!

download here: tie dye

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