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Summer Craft Plans

If you are in my boat and planning to weather the long summer months inside of a stuffy classroom – you have come to the right place! I have been in hard core researching mode (ie. pintersting while on my couch!) to get together some fun (and let’s be honest – easy) ideas for summer school. Pinterest is overflowing with adorableness for summer. But like I said – I want it to be manageable. Summer school is even more unpredictable than the regular school year – we are at a different school, different classroom setup, and it’s crazy hot. We need doable.

The Autism Helper - Craft Inspiratino


Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Beach Sand Craft

Bubble Prints

Rainbow Drink

Sponge Bombs

Sharpie Tie Dye

One a week for six weeks! That is a manageable plan! Plus all of these craft can be done outdoors in the sunshine 🙂

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  1. I’m so curious… What’d you do with the sponge bombs and how did it turn out???

  2. We haven’t gotten to it yet! I thought we were going to be in an un-airconditioned setting and I would need some water games but LUCKILY we are in air conditioning! So I have been holding off on water games! Looks so fun though 🙂


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