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I made the pinterest-inspired q-tip fall tree in the fall and fell in luuuuv with a little q-tip art. It takes patience, attention to detail, and loads of fine motor skills. The most perfect part of this project is that all of my students can do this project. And they all enjoy it! It’s not too easy or babyish for my higher functioning students and my lower functioning students can do this too. I was chomping at the bit for another opportunity to bust out this technique. God, my life is not cool sometimes, hugh. The simple joys I have!

My amazing aunt dropped off some stunning family photos of my students that my cousin took during our family field trip back in October (if you haven’t read this post – please do – this trip means the world to me!) along with some paint and wooden frames. That woman is a rockstar. She is a social worked on the west side and never ceases to amaze me with her hard work, dedication, and unending support. My uncle has been battling cancer (which is why he started the nature camp – read the post) for the past six years and on her hardest days she still manages to ask me how I am doing. She is literally the most wonderful person in the world. Any who – this was the perfect activity for our q-tip art. Parents have been asking for these family photos so we had to get on it ASAP!

Key to a successful art project: get everything ready before the kids attack!



Ready to work!

IMG_2873 IMG_2875


Love how they turned out (don’t mind my sketchy face covering editing job!)










  1. These are so cute!

  2. Thanks Kate 🙂


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