Core Word of the Week

Let’s talk about how I use core word of the week in my self-contained classroom!

Core Words

Core words are great for students who communicate both verbally and using AAC devices. Many of these core words are abstract and teaching using these methods can be beneficial for many types of communicators/learners. I have learners who use AAC devices so I also pair the core word card/symbol/board with the symbol on their device when possible.

These words are a great addition to my morning meetings but they can also be used in therapy sessions, language arts instruction, or paired with sight-word instruction.

How I Use Core Words in My Classroom

In my classroom, I do an “Of the Week” series each week.  My students and I do various activities around the letter of the week, the week’s number, and the week’s core word.  My students absolutely love this part of our day and get so excited when I reach this part of our whole-group time. 

Introduction of the New Core Word

The core word of the week starts with a Google Slide that I present to my students. First, I share five various photos with the students and we practice using the word in a sentence.  Next, I model using the word on an AAC device for my students.  To add, my students in my classroom use the communication app Proloquo2Go.  Some of my students have their own AAC devices and about half of my classroom iPads have the app installed on them. It’s great!


  • I am a member of the Professional Development Membership, so I get access to the Core Word of the Day/Week bundle with cards.  If you are not a member, don’t worry!  You can use any core words you like.

Additionally, to help my students visualize and remember the new core word, I play a video with the word of the week for my students to see and hear.  I like to use various YouTube videos for this however, my favorite videos are from the channel Special Vids for Special Kids.  This channel typically has a video for each of the core words I use!

Writing Practice

Finally, I have my students practice writing the core words on a whiteboard easel. I used washi tape to separate the board into equal parts to help my students write within baseline.  My students LOVE this part of the routine and it helps give them some extra writing practice.  This part of our routine also helps with waiting and turn-taking skills, too.  

That’s all for my word of the week!  For more ideas, read Heather’s post about Scheduling a Core Word of the Week.  What questions do you have?  Let me know in the comments and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. What is Professional Development Membership?

    • Hi Elizabeth! The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership provides ongoing training, resources, and support to help create the best educational outcomes for learners with autism. You can learn more here:

  2. Thank you for the information about the membership. With the membership, you can get access to the core word of the week bundle. Are those located on TpT?


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