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Who is the Membership for?

You’re in it for the kids. You love your students and want to give them every opportunity possible. You aren’t afraid of hard work but may be worried about burning out (this job is HARD). You love velcro, laminating and thinking about new ways to help your students learn. You are creative, a problem solver, and can make a work task out of anything found at the dollar store. The little victories you get to witness each day make everything worth it.

The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership provides ongoing training, resources, and support to help create the best educational outcomes for learners with autism.

What’s Included

How this Membership will give you the support you need:

Training Videos

  • Quick
  • Actionable
  • Aligned to your needs

Digital Resources

  • Hands-on and Engaging
  • Simple to Explain
  • Easily Differentiated


  • Like-Minded Educators
  • Share in Your Success
  • Collaborate & Troubleshoot


From Current Members


The videos are the perfect length that I can watch them at the beginning of my prep and it sets the tone for me to be productive and work on the things that will best support my students. I love the membership!

Thank you, Sasha.”

- Melissa

Heading layer

"The access to resources and trainings are the best. When I am struggling with something, I always can look back at previous months to find videos to rewatch and help.”

- Nikki


"I like having a manageable professional development opportunities for myself, as a veteran teacher, and for my paraprofessionals, who have a massive range of experience."

- Lauren

Woman holding dog

I can’t say there is one thing I’ve enjoyed the most. The videos are amazing, the resources are life savers, and the Facebook community has been great. I’ve really enjoyed all of it along with the additional resources with some of the videos! Thank you for doing this for all of us!

- Kirstin

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Here’s a Peek into the Membership

How this Membership will give you the support you need:

Training Videos

Access new monthly training videos that build throughout the year. Videos on staff training, class structure, academics and behavior are included each month.


Get 3-5 new resources each month to put the strategies you learn into action. Many of these resources are exclusive to the membership. 

Private Groups

Get access to our private membership community. There, you can share your progress with others, collaborate with your peers and The Autism Helper team, and participate in monthly Live Q and A sessions directly with Sasha.

My Goal & Our Guarantee

Let’s make sure this is a great fit. With everything I do my goal is to bring value. I am confident that this membership will bring a huge amount of value to your life. If for some reason, this membership isn’t a good fit, reach out and you can cancel anytime!

Looking for School Memberships?

We have a School License option for your team. Click the link below to complete a form and learn more about group pricing. 

Ask Your Admin

Don’t know where to start? Need help asking your administration to invest in this platform for your classroom? No worries! You can use our “Ask Your Admin” email template to get the conversation about The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership rolling!

Need help starting the conversation?

Use our easily customizable email template to ask your administration for The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership!

About Sasha

I’m Sasha Long! I’m a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and former special education teacher. I started The Autism Helper as a way to share ideas and strategies with teachers, parents, and clinicians. I am passionate about creating behavior plans that work, maintaining high educational expectations for all students, and developing easy to use systems to make it all possible. I know first hand how difficult the job of a special education teacher can be and I am here to help you make it easier!

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The Membership will reopen in September 2023.

The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership FAQs

Learn more about our Membership here.

Who is the Membership for?
The Autism Helper Membership is for educators, parents of children with special needs, families who homeschool, clinicians, paraprofessionals, and administrators. This Membership is for people who want access to training videos and resources that address a wide variety of topics as well as a collaborative and exclusive online community.
What are the Membership Learning Objectives and Agenda?
When will I have access to the resources?
You will receive an invite to join The Autism Helper Network within 15 minutes of signing up. Once you’ve set up your account, you will be able to access the Membership content.

As long as you remain an active member of The Autism Helper Membership, new resources will be accessible via your Member Dashboard.

On the first of each month, the resources will be replaced with the new month’s resources and you will retain access to the previous months’ resources. You will also be able to view the training videos over and over again.

Can I earn continuing education credits for participating in this Membership?

Year 1 Members can earn 9.5 continuing education credits/hours in addition to the course credits.  Year 2 Members can earn 11.5 continuing education credits/hours in addition to the course credits. Anyone that has been a Member for more than 2 years can earn CEUs for all new content (including the new course). Continuing education credits can be earned on an annual basis in May. All Membership content must be watched/completed in its entirety including the Membership feedback form to receive any continuing education credits. The date on the certificate will match the date you complete all Membership components. No partial credit will be given.


School districts differ in what they will accept as a continuing education credit. It is up to each course participant to confirm that continuing education credits from The Autism Helper, Inc. will be approved by your school district.


Sasha Long, BCBA is an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. This course provides Type 2 continuing education credits.

Speech-Language Pathologists

ASHA CE Registry Submission: After you complete all Membership components, you will be directed to fill out a form regarding ASHA CEUs. Once you fill out the form indicating that you would like your participation reported to ASHA, The Autism Helper will prepare to submit your information to the ASHA CE Registry. Please allow three weeks from the submission date by The Autism Helper for the Membership and ASHA CEUs to appear on your ASHA transcript.

A Year 1 Membership is offered for 0.95 ASHA CEUs.  A Year 2 Membership is offered for 1.15 ASHA CEUs.
(Introductory Level, Related)

ASHA CE Provider approval and use of the Brand Block does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

If I have a tech issue, how do I get help?
If you’re experiencing technical issues, please contact us at
How can I request accommodations?
The Autism Helper, Inc. is committed to providing equal opportunities in accordance with all applicable laws. If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact We will review your request and respond in a timely manner. Please note that we will require a minimum of 4 weeks to provide a reasonable accommodation for your request.
How do I cancel my Membership? Do you offer refunds?

In the event a purchaser is not satisfied with the Membership, he or she can request a full refund via email to The Autism Helper strives to respond to all refund emails within 24 business hours. The Autism Helper will issue a full refund within 7-14 days from the date of purchase, dependent upon the amount of content consumed by the purchaser. If more than 25% of the course content was consumed, no refund will be issued.

Please note, that any course on a subscription model rather than a one time purchase, can be canceled at any time. All Memberships will renew automatically based on your subscription plan. For monthly subscriptions, a refund will be issued for the current month only, and only if the cancelation request is received within 5 days of the monthly payment. If the cancelation request is received more than 5 days after the monthly payment is processed, the purchaser will retain access for the remainder of that monthly period and the cancelation will be scheduled to process the day before the next scheduled payment. For annual subscriptions, a full refund will be issued if the cancelation request is received within 30 days of the annual payment. Any requests received after 30 days, will receive a prorated refund based on the number of months left in their annual subscription. For each month remaining, the member will be refunded $27.50.

Once you have canceled you will no longer have access to the Membership Dashboard nor any content on The Autism Helper Membership or course.

In the event The Autism Helper is unable to host the Membership for any reason, all associated costs and fees will be refunded to the purchasers. In the event that The Autism Helper must reschedule the start of the Membership and the new date is unsatisfactory to the purchaser, a full refund of costs and fees will be issued upon the purchaser’s request to

How can I leave you a complaint, feedback, or ask questions?
We’d love to hear your feedback and answer your questions! You can send them to We strive to respond to all feedback and question emails within 48 business hours. There is also a mandatory feedback form related to the Membership at the end of the May content.
Financial Disclosures: Sasha Long is the founder and owner of The Autism Helper, Inc. She receives payment from the sales of all products, Memberships, and courses on this site.

Non-Financial Disclosures: There are no relevant non-financial disclosures.

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