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Non-Example Task Cards!

I’ve been on a kick making more task cards!  Check out these Non-Example Task Cards which target understanding the concept “not”.  I made these cards because I have several students working on following either a written or oral direction involving a negation.  Another goal I have is the student will demonstrate understanding of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for categories by making an association or identifying which item doesn’t belong in a group of items.  These cards would target the component of understanding which item does not belong with the others.  The task cards are also great just to build up vocabulary skills.  The set contains 72 cards which allows for lots of practice!

For my students working on following a written direction involving a negation or for students who can read, I have the student read the direction.  Then I have the student say, point to, or mark with a dry erase marker the item which meets the “not” description.  I also use these cards with my non-verbal students because I can read the card and the student can again point to the answer or even find it on their AAC system.

If the student is having difficulty I might go through each item on the card and identify the characteristic or category related to the item.  For example, when looking at the picture of the lemonade, fire, snowman, and ice cream cone I would say “Lemonade is cold, Snowman is cold, Ice Cream is cold, Fire is hot”.  Then I would read the statement again “Find the one that is not cold”.

I might even reduce the choices to 2 answers if the student is having difficulty identifying which item meets the “not” description.  “Find the one that is not a forest animal”.  “Seal or Deer?”

With my higher functioning students I have them also work on using longer utterances/complete sentences when identifying which item meets the “not” description.  For example, instead of just saying “ball” or “stapler” I want them to say “the ball is not a tool” or “the stapler is not for a birthday party”.  This helps work on expanding utterances and using the “not” concept correctly in sentence.

You can find these cards on TPT with the link Non-Example Task Cards.


  1. Your ideas are very creative and practical for busy teachers! Thank you! Please keep doing this!

  2. Just what I needed and on sale– yea! Always so clear and concise. Thanks!


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