Working on answering questions, expanding utterances, or using present progressive verb forms with your students?  Check out these new “What Doing?” question task cards.  The set contains 72 “what doing” question cards and I’m giving them away for Free!  Hope these will be a useful resource for you to use with your students.

Previously I created a set of “wh” question cards which includes “what”, “where”, “who”, “when” and “why” cards and I use them all the time.  If you want more information on those question cards click the link – “Wh” Task Cards.  However, recently I realized I needed to work with some of my students on answering “what doing” question and using the correct present progressive verb form to answer these type of questions.

That is why I created a set of “what doing” cards and if you have the other “wh” cards you can add these “what doing” cards to the set.

These “what doing” cards are perfect to use during small group instruction.  You can change the level of prompting depending on your student’s skill level.  I show the student the card first and either I read the question or I have the student read the question if he/she can read.  Then I have my student answer the “what doing” question using a verb and work on them using the correct present progressive verb form.  For example, “What is he doing?”  “Bathing”.  “What are Elle and Owen doing?”  “Sweeping” or “cleaning.”

If the student still cannot answer the question I provide a verbal choice of 2 answers.  For example; “What is Kim doing?….reading or sleeping”.  Then hopefully your student can choose the correct answer.

For my higher level students, you can also work on having your students expand their utterances and use a complete sentence to answer the “what doing” question.

I also like to use these cards with my students who use AAC devices.  This helps the student work on navigating their device to find those different action verbs.

Again, at first the focus is just to find the correct action verb.  For example, “What is the boy doing?”  My student can navigate to the action verb page and find “sing”.

Then I work on adding that “ing” verb ending.  “What is Liam doing?”  The student can add the “ing” ending to slide to form “sliding”.

Some of my students are able to form a complete sentence on their device to answer the “what doing” question.

Check out this sentence one of students formed.  It’s awesome to see them expanding their utterances and adding more detail.

Lots of great practice answering “what doing” questions with these task cards.  If you are interested in these cards you can find them for Free on TPT with the link – What Doing Task Cards

Sarah Allen, MA CCC-SLP

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