Free Snowman Synonym and Antonym Matching Game

Happy New Year!  To start the New Year I wanted to share a free resource for you to use with your students.  The first week back after break can be hard to get into the routine again so I always like to have some fun activities to do with my students.  I created a Snowman Synonym and Antonym Matching Game.  Hope your students have fun playing it. 

Last year I shared a free Snowman Synonym and Antonym sorting activity that worked great with my students.  The students were given a set of words and had to determine if the words were synonym or antonyms and place the card in the correct pile.  If you are interested in this activity check out the blog post from last year.  Snowman Synonym and Antonym Sort

To continue working on those synonym and antonym concepts I used some of those same vocabulary terms and turned it into a matching game.  This is a perfect activity because my students all can work on building up vocabulary skills and I always have several students working on synonym and antonym goals.  This activity is easy to set up and use.  Print the cards front to back either on regular paper or card stock.  Then just laminate and cut the cards out and they are ready to use!  You will have 72 synonym cards and 72 antonym cards which makes 36 synonym matches and 36 antonym matches.  You know I always like to make sure there are plenty of cards when I make activities.   

Now you have 2 games you can play.  You can use either the synonym or antonym cards to play the game like a regular memory/matching game.  You can use only a few matches or all 36 matches depending on your students’ skill level.  Place all the pairs face down on the table.  If you are using the synonym cards, the student would turn over 2 cards and determine if those words are synonyms.  If they are the student gets to take the match.  You can play where the student gets to go again if he/she gets a match or you don’t have to.  Just make sure you establish the rules at the beginning of the game.

You play the same way for the antonym game.  The student turns over 2 cards and needs to determine if those cards are antonyms.  If they are the student gets to keep the match and the game continues that way. For your students with AAC systems they can request their turn on their device.  Then they can say “yes” or “no” if the words are synonyms or antonyms depending on which set of cards you are using. 

If you want to use these at an individual task center you can give the student all the synonym cards and they need to match the synonym pairs together.  Then you can check them to see how many they got correct. 

Do the same thing for the antonym cards.  I would only use this as an independent task if the student can read and do this almost independently while getting most if not all of them correct.  If they need additional support then you can do it together as a teaching activity.

Here is the link if you are interested in the activity.  Snowman Synonym and Antonym Matching Game


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