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Free Snowman Synonyms and Antonym Sort!

As we ring in the New Year I thought I would share a Free New Resource you can use with your students – Snowman Synonyms and Antonyms Sort  This activity includes 64 pairs of synonyms and 64 pairs of antonyms for a total of 128 cards!!!  Lots of practice for this sort.  This activity is simple to prep and use right away.  I laminated and cut out all the word pairs so they last longer.

I put 2 snowmen which were the same on the Synonyms label card so the students can identify synonyms = same.  I put 2 different snowmen on the Antonyms label card so the students can identify antonyms = different/opposite.  You can use this as an individual work task or during direct instruction time depending on your students’ skill level and reading abilities.

Just place the Synonym and Antonym Label cards out on the table.  Then have the student read the pair of words or you can read them for the student.  The student needs to determine if the pair of words are the synonyms or antonyms.

Some of my students needed more support and prompting then others.  For some students I read the pair of words and may have paired each word with a symbol or gesture to help them identify if the two words were similar or different.  Since there are so many cards you can use different cards each time and hopefully can get a lot of use out of these.

You can also give the student a set number of cards and have the student independently sort the cards into either the synonym or antonym pile and check their work at the end.


Click the links if you are interested in this activity – Snowman Synonyms and Antonyms Sort



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