5 Easy Summer Sensory Play Ideas

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Summer is fast approaching!  Whether you are a parent preparing to have your kids home this summer, or a teacher preparing for summer school, you may be looking for some easy sensory play ideas.  Here are a few activities I am loving right now!

1. Chalk and Spray

All you need for this activity is chalk and a spray bottle.  Write some letters on your sidewalk or on a vertical surface like your fence for bonus points.  Then have your child use a spray bottle to find and spray the letter you call out!  This activity is great for fine motor strength, coordination and academics.  Anything on a vertical surface is a great way to work on shoulder strength to prepare the muscles we use for writing.  You can even use numbers, shapes or sight words depending on what your child is working on.  

2. Obstacle Course

Put together a simple obstacle course in your yard using items you likely already have at home.  I like to incorporate climbing, running/jumping and crawling into my obstacle courses.  I do this easily in my yard by having my kids climb up the play slide, jump in and out of hula hoops, and then do animal walks!  In the summer, I often have my kids go barefoot so they can get the additional sensory input of the grass.  You can easily create this at the playground as well.  

3. Sponge and Suds

Grab a bucket, water, soap and a squishy sponge.  Mix up a big bucket of soapy water and encourage your child to have his own car wash!  Your child can help wash toys and toy cars, or actually help wash an actual car.  The squeezing of the sponge is great for working those hand muscles, and the sensory aspect of the soapy water is really fun too.  

4. Frozen Toys

Take some small toys, place them in an ice cube tray or other container, put some water in and freeze.  When they are frozen, take them our of the container and put them into a large bowl.  Kids will love taking turns pouring water over the cubes to encourage them to melt, or even utilizing a small hammer or spoon to encourage the melting process even more.  This is a super fun activity for one of those really hot days, and you can customize it to meet your child’s needs and interests!

5. Ocean Theme Shaving Cream

Put a summer twist on a tried and true sensory activity.  Grab some shaving cream, blue paint/food coloring, and any ocean or beach theme items you have.  Mix them all together to make some fun ocean themed shaving cream play.  You can encourage kids to make different letters, shapes and drawings, and you can encourage them to find small ocean toys in the shaving cream. 

Sensory play is so important and summer is a great time to try something new and have some fun.  What are your favorite summer sensory activities?  


This blog is for informational purposes only.  The information provided is general in nature.  Please contact your OT for specific recommendations.  


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