10 Fat Turkeys! with Free Book Pictures

“10 Fat Turkeys” is one of my favorite Thanksgiving books to read with my students.  There are 10 fat turkeys fooling on a fence and each turkey does something silly and falls off the fence.  My students always love this book.  It was hard to find pictures to match the book that were not too abstract for my students so I just took pictures from the book and printed them out for each turkey action.  If you want a copy of these “10 Fat Turkeys” book pictures click the link – 10-fat-turkeys

On each page we say and sometimes even “act out” what the turkey is doing.  Then the student selects the correct picture to match what the turkey is doing on that page.

We say “Gobble, Gobble, Wibble, Wobble” all together as we shake our bodies and flap our wings!  Even my non-verbal students sometimes imitate some of the sounds when we do that part in the book.  The students think that part is so funny.

I have the students count the number of turkeys on each page.  We point to each turkey as we say the number.  Many of my students are working on those number correspondence skills.  We only say a number when we touch a new turkey.

After we finished reading the book we made Turkey Puppets.  For me I like crafts that are simple and the students can do mostly themselves.  The focus for me is working on following directions, learning/reviewing basic concepts, and requesting the needed items to complete the task.  For this craft all you need is paper bags and different color construction paper.

Glue different color feathers on the back of the paper bag.  I had the student glue on five different color feather on the back.  The student can follow the directions to select the correct color feather or you can have the students work on verbally requesting the color feathers he/she wants.

After you glue the feathers on the back of the paper back, turn the paper bag back to the front.  Glue two eyes and a beak on the front part of the bag.  Then right under the paper bag flap glue on the red gobbler.

The turkey puppet is complete.  Gobble, Gobble!!!!

If you want a copy of the “10 Fat Turkeys” book pictures click the link – 10-fat-turkeys

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  1. Hi Sarah:
    I so appreciate your work developing these visuals to go along with various books! I think I have very one of them laminated and ready to go for the year! I was wondering if you were thinking of expanding your 10 Turkeys visuals to include the questions as you’ve done with all of the Old Lady . . . Swallowed books. I would be happy to pay for them in the Teacher Pay Teacher Store!


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