More Holiday Craft Ideas!!!!

I thought I would share a few holiday activities and crafts we did last year and some new ones.  Sometimes I don’t have time to think of new activities/crafts to do each year or I just liked how the activity/craft turned out so I do it again.  You can always change the level of support you provide depending on your students’ current skill level.  Here are some fun things we are doing this month!

This is a good activity to work on following directions, color concepts, number concepts, and requesting. 

To set up the craft I just took a paper plate and cut the middle out of the plate and then punched a hole at the top. 

Then I had the students paint the outside of the paper plate green.  The students needed to request plate, green paint, and paintbrush before they could start painting. 


After the students finished painting they picked out 2 different color cotton balls.  I had the students count out 5 cotton balls for each color.  Then the students line up the cotton balls in the ABAB pattern.  After gluing on the cotton balls we attached a pipe cleaner on the top.  Once the wreaths dry you can hang them up!  They turned out really cute!!!! 

Trace your students’ hands and either they cut them out or you can help them cut out their hands.  Sometimes the hand can be tricky for my students to cut out even when using adapted scissors so I help the students who need the extra fine motor support.   

I traced the outline of the thumb and top part of hand to cut out and add to the top for Santa’s hat.  Add 2 eyes and a nose. 

Next have the students count out 9 cotton balls to add on the face.  One cotton ball for the end of Santa’s hat and then 2 cotton balls for each finger.  I put dots on where the student should add the glue and cotton balls.

Another craft to work on following directions, color and number concepts, and requesting items. 

Cut out gingerbread people.  Have the student request 2 eyes and 1 mouth.  The mouth is just a short piece of red yarn.   Add 3 pompoms on the belly.  You can give the student directions on which color pompoms to select or they can request the colors they want. 

Add on some glitter around the arms and legs.  It is great to use the squeezable glitter pens to practice some fine motor skills.  The students may need help so the glitter glue doesn’t go all over the place!

This craft is perfect to pair with the book “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell!”  Click here for a FREE copy of the book pictures and questions – “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell“.  I read this book with my students last year so for more details about the book and how I used it with my students click the link – “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell Book” Lesson 

The Reindeer is another craft which requires tracing and cutting of the students’ hands. 

Add an eye, nose, and decorate!  You can give students different 1-2 step directions to work on color, number, and shape concepts. Make sure you have the students either verbally or using an AAC system request the crafting item to add to their reindeer.   


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