Using Boom Cards

You may have been hearing a lot about Boom Cards lately. They are interactive task cards you can use from any device or browser and they track data. They are PERFECT for distance learning but I also think this will be so useful when you are back in the classroom. Imagine a whole station that was individualized and collected data that needed no adult support? Brilliant! Let me give you an overview of Boom Cards and how to use them as well as share some of my sets!

How do you use Boom Cards? 

Boom Cards are internet based, interactive activities that work great for distance learning! They are highly motivating, self paced, and self grading. If you purchase Boom Cards from TpT, you will download a PDF with a link to activate the Boom Cards. When you redeem your purchase, Boom Learning will ask you to create a free account if you do not already have one. After you activate your cards, they will live in the library of your Boom Learning teacher account. 

Students can use Boom Cards in two ways. You can use a Fast Play Pin or Assign Decks. If you use a Fast Play Pin, students do not need an account to access the cards. You send a link. They do the cards. Easy peasy. It’s nice to have an option with no login required since I know many families (and teachers) are overwhelmed with all of the passwords they need to keep track of. You can also Assign Decks. You can get a premium account for free right now to access this feature. Assign specific decks to students and you will be able to see their data and track progress! 

Boom Card Sets

I have a growing collection of Boom Card sets that are sold as big bundles or smaller sets. You can purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers or through Boom Learning. Here are some of my favorite big sets (you can also purchase small sets of these). Most have audio directions that auto play!


Basic Vocabulary Bundle

Can be used as a listening comprehension or sight word activity. 


  1. I would love to talk with you. I am using some of your curriculum and it is fantastic! I would love to see more .Thank you.

  2. I loved your leveled daily curriculum products and used them last year. This year my school district has decided to do online teaching until at least November. Do you have any digital curriculum products that I can start on line and move on to person to person later on?

  3. We are currently updating all of the curriculums in TpT to their new Digital Activities platform! We have not gotten to all of them yet, but if there is a specific curriculum you’ve already purchased, you can head back to TpT to see if the Digital Activities version is already there. A separate purchase is not necessary – the Digital Activities version is included with the purchase of the curriculum.

  4. Do you know if Boom learning has a scanning feature? I have a student who does not have the fine motor skills to press the button. Can they be accessed using an iPad and a switch?

  5. Not sure!


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