The last 3 weeks I shared about different Function books from my adapted Function Book Series.  To finish off my function unit I created some worksheets you can use with your students.  There are 3 different levels of difficulty depending on your students’ skill level.  I created 5 worksheets for each level for a total of 15 free function worksheets.

For the first set of worksheets, the student needs to match the item to the correct function.  I used visuals for both the objects and the function words to provide that added visual support and also so students who are non-readers can complete these worksheets.  The student can draw a line from the object to the correct function of that object.  With your verbal students you can have them name the object and the corresponding function.  You can even work on them expanding their utterances to tell you about the matches.  For example, “a gate can open” or “you open a gate.” 

Your students with AAC devices can do the same thing.  They can either name the items or the function on their device or combine words together to make phrases.  The can even just work on putting words together “pants wear” or work on making more complete phrases “pants are for wearing” or “an airplane flies”.  You can always put the worksheets in page protectors or laminate them and you can use dry erase markers so you can erase and reuse the worksheets.

The next 5 worksheets the student needs to answer the questions and they have a visual choice of 3 answers for each question.  If your student can read have him/her read the questions independently or to you or their paraprofessional.  Then they need to identify which item answers the question and circle it or color it. 

Again after they answer the question they can make phrases about the objects and those functions.  “A net is for catching” or “a net catches butterflies”.  “A key locks” or “a key locks the door”.  Lots of ways to work on expanding those utterances.

The final set of 5 worksheets are most difficult.  For these worksheets the student has to answer the function questions by identifying 3 items which go with the given function.  Hopefully after reading all the function books and completing other function activities some of your students can do this set of worksheets.  Hope they are helpful for your students.   

Don’t forget about my Free set of Function boards I blogged about previously.  Here is the link if you missed it and want information about this activity – Free Function Boards

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Function Worksheets

Function Boards

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