Behavior Visuals for Specials Classes

We talked about this earlier this month – how problems behaviors don’t only occur within the four walls of our little classroom homes. Behaviors will occur throughout environment and are sometimes more likely in unfamiliar settings. Gym class, music class, and art class may be hard for some of your students. Even though they go on a regular basis, it may not be frequent enough to get a good routine going and may still feel unfamiliar. Those specials teachers are busy people with new classes in and out each period. It can be challenging for them to provide the right supports for each student in our classrooms.

Give them a little gift. Give them the gift of visuals. I have 3 sets of visuals specifically for gym, art, and music classes. Go the extra mile and get these little bad boys prepped for your colleagues. You have the laminator and velcro and we all know how much you love watching bravo and laminating on Tuesday nights. This will be beneficial for everyone. The specials teachers will have materials to use and your students will hopefully have decreased problem behaviors. This is a win win win.

Having visuals for schedules, first/then, social stories, communication aides, class rules, and more will be so helpful for your learners. Pull those same strategies that are successful in your classroom into the specials room.


How has a student who is obsessed with the drums? Grab a first/then card to show when he can use the drums!

Learn more about each resource through the links below:


  1. These are awesome! Do you have visual resources for library and technology? Those would complete my students’ specials list. This is perfect for my PCAs and Para for when they take the children to adapted and regular specials.

  2. I’m working on those! Hope to have them done soon!

  3. Sasha: Happy summer to you! Do you have a resource for PECS pictures?

  4. I would check out Boardmaker share!


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