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Last week I shared my new video tutorial of Running Fluency Programs. Yes, I’m hear to talk about fluency again. I love it. There are so many ways to use fluency instruction – it is literally crazy. Yes, crazy. I have been really upping the game for some of my higher functioning students’ fluency instruction. We have added in parts of speech fluency, personal information fluency, and vocabulary fluency. These activities fit some Autism Helper must haves: easy to set up, quick to run, effective, and data driven!

You want to know everything and anything you can use fluency instruction for? Check out my fluency program guide:

The Autism Helper - Fluency Instruction

I plan on doing a bunch more video tutorials about fluency because most of these programs are better to see than read about. So be on the lookout! I also just created a Fluency Mega Pack with everything you need to run basic fluency programs (more info on this tomorrow). Check out my video tutorial of how to run Advanced Fluency Programs (personal information, parts of speech, and vocabulary):


  1. Hey Sasha, I love your fluency station I set up one in my classroom as well. Question: Do you make your own tracking sheets and what do they look like?

  2. Sasha,

    I absolutely love your ideas! They have been so helpful and even sparked some ideas of my own for my classroom. I have started doing fluency for my higher functioning kids and it is going well. I would love to see some videos about running the easy level and receptive fluency, to see what these look like. I have a couple of kids that are at this level. I teach at a special needs preschool and I am able to use your ideas for my non-autistic kids as well to help them do better. It has been really great to see all of their progress they have made.

  3. YOU.ARE.AWESOME! Thanks so much, girl! I started doing a language station with my littles and I can’t believe some of the progress they have made already in just a few weeks. Couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

  4. You read my mind Amanda! Low level fluency videos are coming up next! So glad to hear my ideas have been helpful!


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