Let’s give a little round up of all of our visual recipes! Visual recipes are great because they give structure, simple directions, and a visual cue for each step in a recipe. I like making recipes that are simple and straightforward. It makes the whole cooking process run a lot more smoothly. Some of the cooking sets below include both a visual recipe and a written recipe which is great if you have a diverse caseload or classroom!

Seasonal Recipes

I love a good theme and anything seasonal it usually eaten up by our students (pun intended). These are perfect for holiday parties, group activities, weekly cooking, or just a dreary Tuesday morning when everyone could use a little pick-me-up!

Everyday Recipes

These recipes can be used any ole’ time of the year. {although I’m an advocate for year round holiday fun so feel free to whip up those spider cookies in May and I assure you, your students will not complain}. I like these sets for some basics. I like to practice these in school and then send them home for parents to work on at home. A lot of these recipes are things that our older kids could ideally make by themselves one day.

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