Visual Math Activities {Level 1 & 2}

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In our world, visuals make just about anything better. Heck – in any world, visuals make anything better. So it should be no surprise how much visuals add to some basic math skills. These are two of my very favorite resources. I love the variety, I love having a few variations of each page, and I love that I can slowly build up the challenge factor. Visual Math Activities and Visual Math Activities Level 2 are oldies but goodies. These are perfect for direct instruction but I love them most in an independent work binder or station!

The basic version of this resource focuses on numbers 1-9. It targets counting, more/less, bigger/smaller, number identification, missing number, and sequencing. Each activity has several version so there is a ton included. These are easy prep. I love to throw these in page protectors and use dry eraser markers!

Level 2 includes numbers 10-20. It follows a similar structure so if your students have mastered the first set – they will easily transition to this version. I love keeping the format of an activity consistent and making the content more challenging. It such an effective approach for our students. This version definitely gets tricky once we get into those higher numbers!

Check out the video preview of each of these resources:


  1. How can I get a book like this for my son?


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