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About TAH Curriculum

The Autism Helper Curriculum is already utilized by thousands of teachers all over the world. Now, we have created an option for schools to get access to the entire curriculum through our Curriculum Access Subscription.

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The Autism Helper Curriculum

This highly rated curriculum is rooted in evidence based strategies and best practices.


  • routine based
  • breaks down complex concepts 
  • gives a path and a plan for learning

Embeds Data

  • includes assessments
  • data based decisions promote effective instruction
  • individualized extension options 

Easy to Use

  • straightforward organization
  • system for maintaining multiple levels
  • not overwhelming 

Why TAH Curriculum Access

Special education teachers are tasked with the difficult job of providing quality instructional opportunities for an extremely wide range of types of learners. The key to success is having access to differentiated resources, a system for how to utilize these materials, and a path towards goal mastery.

The Autism Helper Curriculum is available in up to 6 levels and spans 8 subject areas. This curriculum can cover the instructional needs for students working on early childhood and elementary level skills. Curriculum Access is for schools to give their special education classrooms a method for achieving academic success.

Here’s a Peek into TAH Curriculum Access for Schools

This curriculum gives the opportunity for students to achieve big goals. 


Give each student access to learning materials that fit their needs and skill set. Students can work on the same core concepts but in a method and level that works for them.

High Expectations and Rigor

Challenge students to make the most academic progress possible in all subject areas. The Autism Helper Curriculum includes Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Functional Literacy, Math, Functional Math, Science, Social Studies and Life Skills.

In-Depth Support

Curriculum Access provides each teacher with guidance and training on how to effectively utilize the curriculum to meet the needs of their unique learners. Curriculum Access teachers will also get access to our exclusive community to collaborate with other educators on best practices and ideas for use. 

Based on Evidence

Learn about the case study that shows the effectiveness of this curriculum and explore the evidence-based strategies this curriculum is rooted in. Tap here for the pilot case study from 2020/2021. 

Standards Alignment

The Autism Helper Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Learn more about standards alignment here.

Science of Reading

The content, structure, and methodology of The Autism Helper Curriculum are aligned with the Science of Reading Instructional Practices. Learn more about the Science of Reading alignment here. 

TAH Curriculum Access


Purchase a one year subscription to The Autism Helper Curriculum Access for only $649 per license. Each license is for one classroom teacher.

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Hear from Users of The Autism Helper Curriculum


I cannot express how much I love this curriculum. I love this even more than the other math curriculum. My students are succeeding with this and I love that it is put in the context of the real world. I have shown this to staff members and they were amazed with it as well. I believe I have every curriculum that you made because they are absolutely fantastic!

- Jessica F.

Functional Math


This resource is perfect. It helped focus my planning and gave a clear path for the entire year! The pre & post tests and grading rubrics are wonderful! All I have to do is design the lessons and explorations to support the material. Easy to set up, print, and go. Works great in small groups, centers, and 1:1 work both in-person and virtual.

- Mary Z.

Reading Comprehension Curriculum


The three levels cover my entire class that has grades 7th-12th in one room. The text is hard enough to give the students a challenge but not so hard that they get frustrated. It is exactly right for my classroom!

- Lynn G.

Functional Literacy Curriculum


I love that this curriculum focuses on some of the more applicable topics in the area of social studies! Sometimes the provided curriculum is a little too much for my students to handle and TAH has solved that issue!

- Desiree S.

Social Studies Curriculum


I have students in the same class from 4th to 8th grade with varying abilities. I love that this is a leveled science program so I can teach the same material to all students, but have them work at a level that they can be successful. The no prep aspect saved me because when I started my current position I had no science materials.

- Jamie H.

Science Curriculum


The data collection that goes along with this resource is excellent. Parents enjoy seeing the growth and feel like their child is covering the foundations of math, even when not on grade level material.

- Cassandra H.

Math Curriculum

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