MLK Day Sale 🙂

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Hope everyone is enjoying the caboose to their 3 day weekend! After the week I had last week – I needed this extra day to unwind, de-stress, and catch up. Last week kicked my butt – so I’m gathering all of my energy and positive thoughts mojo to get me through the upcoming week. I want to take a quick sec to thank you all so much for your overwhelming responses to my post about my rough week. I think I am echoing many of your comments – but it really does make you feel so much better to know you are not alone. Not that I wish a stressful and chaotic meltdown on any of you! But knowing I’m not in the boat alone – makes it all a little bit less painful 🙂

To celebrate an extra day of jammies and coffee on the couch and to honor of Dr. King, I’m tossing all my products on sale. Thank you so much for being there for me last week and for your never ending comments, responses, and emails! Enjoy the sale and your day off! Maybe grab a little goodie to make your next week easier 🙂



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