Ignite Summer Learning with Exciting Themed Activities!

As the summer sun shines brightly, parents, teachers, and related service providers have a golden opportunity to integrate summer-themed activities into children’s learning routines. By incorporating engaging and interactive tasks that encompass big and little sorting, AB patterns, errorless learning, and basic matching, we can turn the summer season into an educational adventure. Check out my blog below, where we will explore these areas of focus and provide you with exciting ideas to enhance children’s developmental skills.

Big and Little Sorting

Encourage your students/children to explore the concept of size by organizing objects into “big” and “little” categories. Use items such as seashells, rocks, or even toys found at the beach. Engage children in hands-on activities where they can sort these items into separate containers, developing visual discrimination, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities.  I love these popsicle themed big and little sorts from The Autism Helper! When students are ready to transition from object sorting to this interactive type of activity, I love using these interactive file folder boards.  If your child/student seems overwhelmed, you can always make this activity errorless and just work on the Big Popsicles and keep repeating (and can use a core language board for the word “big”) and keep modeling “big popsicle” while showing your student how to put them on the board.  You can then do this for the small popsicles and then combine the activity.  You can find this activity here.

AB Patterns

Stimulate children’s cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills by introducing AB patterns. Create summer-themed patterns using visual cues, like alternating pictures of suns and beach balls and eventually different colored popsicles! Guide children to continue the pattern using their own set of objects or drawings. This activity enhances critical thinking, logical reasoning, and early math skills.  This little girl is just about to turn two and it was her first-time learning about patterns.  We went through the pattern, and I did a lot of modeling and handed her the correct colored popsicles.  Take your time working up to this skill and use objects if you have a little set.  You can also use objects at home like forks and spoons! Check out the Popsicle themed patterns here!

Errorless Learning

Build children’s confidence while reinforcing essential concepts through errorless learning activities. Provide a summer-themed matching game with clear visual cues, allowing children to pair identical items without the fear of making mistakes. Gradually increase the complexity of the game by adding more options, strengthening attention to detail, visual discrimination, and memory skills.  What’s more fun than watermelon slices and flowers?!  You can always extend even errorless learning by counting the number of the objects, labeling them, colors, and more! Link for this Easy Summer Weekly Workbook here!

Basic Matching & Sorting

Utilize summer-related flashcards or picture cards to engage children in basic matching exercises. Show them a picture of an ice cream cone, for example, and have them search for the matching image from a set of options. This activity fosters visual recognition, vocabulary development, and categorization skills.  I love that the Summer Weekly Workbooks have some easy matching and sorting activities within them. If you know me, you know when I assemble these books, I actually like to keep the pages separate on a binder ring so I can add/remove the pages I want!  Link for this Easy Summer Weekly Workbook here!
By infusing summer-themed activities into children’s learning experiences, parents, teachers, and related service providers can make the most of this season while nurturing vital developmental skills. Through big and little sorting, AB patterns, errorless learning, and basic matching, we can create a fun and educational environment that stimulates cognitive, motor, and social-emotional growth. So, let’s embrace the summer season as an opportunity to learn, explore, and create lasting memories with our children! Happy Summer Learning!


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