Grammar Rules: I vs. Me App

Grammar is tricky for my kids. I have discussed this before (angry verbs, question answering) –  all of our kiddos have language deficits – as part of the diagnostic criteria of autism. Since language is such a challenge, as teachers we are often not able to ‘explain’ concepts (such as grammar rules…) in the typical way. When we did our verb unit – I couldn’t just say to my students, “a verb is an action or something you do.” That means nothing to them.

My students learn best through repeated practice and examples, multiple exemplars, and discrimination activities. Activities that involves sorting and grouping helps my students identify a pattern or a ‘rule’ that they can follow. It is easier for my students to determine the rule through practice and sorting that the statement of a verbal rule which they usually struggle to understand. On that note – off to the topic at hand.

Correct usage of I vs. Me is a tricky topic for most children. My students really struggle with this topics mostly due to the language challenges I described above. This (FREE!) app has been very helpful providing my students the repeated practice to help establish a ‘rule’ for themselves on when to use I and when to use me.

This app gives different example sentences and students can choose the correct word.



Update this app for free and test it out with your kiddos when you get back from break! Super duper: I vs. Me


  1. I used this app during 2012 with students with autism, speech language impairments and intellectual impairments. It’s great. I like the Super Duper range of apps – uncluttered and easy to use. I also really like their Fact or Opinion one that really helped some of my guys understand the concepts. I have been using Smarty Ears products as well. My guys loooove these. I like the fact I can set them up to work independently and their progress is tracked ( one even includes how many minutes they spent on the task ). They are worth checking out – Only thing is, they are so expensive!

  2. Yes they are expensive! Ugh – I save up my iTunes pennies for these apps! Love Super Duper!


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