I’ve been on a roll with my Zoo Theme this month.  Each week I’ve shared about one of the different zoo themed adapted books I’ve made along with an activity I paired with the book.  I also created different worksheets to pair with each book that I wanted to share as a Free resource for you to use with your students.  I created 5 different worksheets to pair with each book for a total of 15 zoo themed worksheets.

The first zoo adapted book I shared about was “Zookeeper, Zookeeper What Do You See?” and the focus for this book was number and animal concepts.  For this book I created 5 Count the Zoo Animals worksheets.  You can use this worksheet as a follow-up activity with your students after you read the book or they can complete it independently depending on your students’ skill levels. 

First, I had my students name the zoo animals on the worksheet either verbally or with their AAC device.  If they couldn’t name the animal I would provide a choice of 2 animals.  “Is it a leopard or a snake?”  After we named the animal in that row we pointed to each one as we counted.  For example, we pointed to each polar bear as we counted “one, two, three, four, five”.  Then I had my student write the number five in the empty box. 

You can have your students use a complete sentence to say what they see after each line such as “I see 6 zebras” or “I see 5 walruses which is the similar to the adapted book.  Students using AAC devices could also create a phrase on their device.  This is great to work on those one-to-one correspondence and expanding their utterances.

The focus for the book “Where are the Zoo Animals?” is following directions involving prepositional concepts.  For this book I created 5 Follow the Directions worksheets.  These worksheets don’t focus on prepositional concepts but still target following directions.  I always have lot of students with following directions goals.  If you read this book and have your student complete one of the worksheets you can take data on following 1-2 directions for both activities. 

Each worksheet has 5 directions on it.  First I point to each animal and if my students are verbal I have them help me name all the animals.  I want to make sure they know all the animals before I give them the direction.  Then I provide the instruction “put a blue X on the zebra” and wait for them to select the blue crayon put an x on the zebra.  Then I give the next direction such as “color the flamingo pink”.  

The last book in the series is “Guess the Zoo Animal!” which focuses on identifying animals given a feature of the animals.  For this book I created 5 Match the Zoo Animal to the Feature worksheets.  The students need to match the zoo animal to their correct animal feature.  Each worksheet has 5 different zoo animals and 5 different features. 

I have the student name the animal and then look for a feature that animal has and draw a line from the animal to the feature.  For example, a spider has 8 legs, a toucan has a beak, and the zebra has stripes.  

After they match all the animals to their correct feature you can have your student tell you about each animal.  For example, “a flamingo has feathers, a koala bear has fur”.  This is a good time to work with your students on learning and using different descriptive concepts.      

If you would like a Free copy of these zoo worksheets click the link – Zoo Worksheets

The series of zoo adapted books includes; “Zookeeper, Zookeeper What Do You See?”, “Where are the Zoo Animals?”, and “Guess the Zoo Animal!”.  If you are interested in these books you can find them on TPT with the link – Zoo Animal Adapted Book Series


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