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If you made beautiful data sheets and spent time training your staff you might expect smooth sailing for the rest of the year. You may even be shocked when two months later you review the data (oops) and things aren’t going quite as you had planned. The program completely shifted gears, your student hit mastery criteria a month ago and you have no clue what they have been doing since then, or the student has mastered the skill but is still painstakingly completing the same task each day. You are frustrated and annoyed… with yourself. Because while you did a stellar job making data sheets and doing staff training you forgot one important piece – the Program Guide.

Throughout my time in classroom and working in-home therapy with my private clients, I relied heavily on my binder of Discrete Trial Training Program Guides and Data sheets. Each goal has a program guide that outlines the details of the instruction, mastery criteria, and everything else and a coordinating data sheet. I have a huge binder with all of these organized so when I have a new goal ready to roll out – I am ready within a few minutes!

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms SET 1 includes a wide range of skills including for expressive and receptive identification for letters, numbers, colors, and body parts. This is a perfect one to have for building basic skills, teaching emerging vocabulary, and works well with students with limited verbal skills!

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms SET 2 includes a wide range of skills including expressive and receptive sight word identification, expressive and receptive vocabulary identification, imitation, vocal imitation, follow one and two step commands, intraverbal completion, and expressive and receptive coin identification. If you use the ABLLS – there are a ton of relevant skills include in this packet!

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Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms SET 3 includes a wide range of skills including Wh- Question Answering, Expressive Yes/No, Visually Tracking Items, Sorting by Class, Sorting in Logical Order, Vocal Number Sequence Imitation, Receptive Identification in a Sequence, Receptive Action Identification, Receptive 2 Component Identification, Picture Associations, Picture Associations with 2 responses, Answer Personal Information Questions, Receptive Non-Example Identification, Following Directions – Pretend Actions, Delayed Sequence Imitation, Counting Objects, Community Helper Identification, and Block Design Imitation from a Picture. Loads of options! Tons of goals included!

Check out the video tour of this resource:


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