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How Do Paraprofessionals Take Data


It has been a challenging year for most of us – but now, more than ever, we all understand the important role paraprofessionals play in our classrooms. From helping our students with their daily hygiene tasks in the morning to sitting alongside us through the long days of assessments and meetings – paraprofessionals truly are the hidden gems of our classrooms. But – how can we incorporate them even more into our daily routines? Let’s get our paraprofessionals helping us to take data! But, before we get started, I highly suggest reviewing the Paraprofessional Training Manual PART 2 – it provides your paraprofessionals awesome content about special education classrooms and helps you to lay a strong foundation before jumping into data collection – and it’s editable!

Take Time to Prepare


  1. Explain the why.

  2. Prepare materials.

  3. Model how to take the data.

  4. Provide time for your paraprofessionals to try it out.

  5. Give each other feedback.

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms


The Autism Helper has a variety of goal sheets and data forms that are editable and easy-to-use.


Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms Set 1

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms Set 2

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms Set 3

Editable Special Education Sheets

20 Editable Special Education Sheets Part 2

Using Discrete Trial Sheets and Program Guides

When I first started learning about data tracking, I loved watching The Autism Helper’s videos on Discrete Trial Data collection. Not only are these data sheets simple and easy-to-use but the program guides are crucial in laying out exactly how the data needs to be taken. The guides allow you to list the goal, exactly what the adult’s role is, and the response needed from the student. There is a place to lay out the sets  (instructions being tracked) – allowing for concise data tracking across your staff. The data sheets are set up to match the program guides exactly, but give you the freedom to edit them as needed yourself!


Happy Data Collecting!

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