Checklist for Drawing a Picture

I don’t know about your students – but some of my kids have a hard time drawing pictures. They rush. They draw a circle and some lines and call it complete. It lacks details. It lacks focus and attention. Now why do I care about this you ask? It might seem like it’s not really a big deal. But drawing a detailed picture is an excellent component skill for effective writing. When you are able to draw a detailed picture – you are closer to writing a detailed story. So I am going to really challenge and push my kiddos to rise to my expectations of drawing more detailed pictures.

One intervention I use with my students to help them draw a detailed picture is a checklist. We talk about what things need to be in their picture. As they draw they check off the items. This easy and simple intervention has been very effective and helpful!





My students have been getting MUCH better at drawing detailed pictures. They spend more time on their work building their work endurance and attention span. Sometimes a tiny little intervention can go a long way! We also use this visual rubric for rating pictures which is one of my all time favorite pieces of paper in the world! It shows so clearly what my students should and shouldn’t be drawing like.

Rubric - The Autism Helper



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