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All About Emergencies

When life skills and academics come together in perfect harmony – literally nothing makes me happier. This life skill is the pretty much the life skill of all life skills – working on the essential and critically important skill of identifying emergencies. I mean, can we get more significant than that?

This unit is perfect for your social studies curriculum, language arts work, or to incorporate into a social skills unit.

The All About Emergencies Unit helps teach children about what to do in an emergency. This is a critical life skill that needs to be directly taught in a way that is visual, understandable, and interactive. This unit teaches what an emergency is, emphasizes discriminating between emergencies and non-emergencies, what to do in an emergency, and how to call 911. 

Let's check out everything that is included:

Interactive Task Cards {perfect for working on social skills while targeting these life skill concepts}

Variety of Types of Worksheets {good to generalize the concepts}

Anchor Charts {helpful for learning the different concepts}

Resources to Work on 911 Calls {role playing can be extremely effective}

Check out this resource here. View the video preview to see all of the pages & check out suggestions for use:

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