Adapted Calendar Activities

As a new teacher, one of the first things I really focused on setting up in my classroom was my morning time. Whether it’s morning circle, circle time, morning meeting, or morning group – it’s great to have a way to start your school day. And a successful morning circle time sets the stage for a successful day. My morning time has evolved significantly in my many years of teaching. But let’s get back to the foundations and the basics to make this routine run smoothly and as hassle-free as possible.

The key for a successful morning circle time is loads of hands-on activities. Because –

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My Adapted Calendar Activities are jam packed with loads of calendar activities. Our caseloads are varied. You may need a little bit of this and a little bit of that depending on the group of students in your classroom. Having interactive components to your circle time is KEY for keeping student engaged. While one student is selected the day of the week on the board – the rest of the students are matching the days of the week in their binders. Check out some sample of what’s all included in this resource:

This packet includes:
– Velcro Calendar with base and numbers/months pieces
– Identifying day and month page with velcro pieces
– Match months (blank template included for ordering)
– Match days (blank template included for ordering)
– Match days (color coded)
– Match days and months words
– Identify today, yesterday, tomorrow binder page
– Identify today, yesterday, tomorrow wall page
– Calendar fill in page – easy
– Calendar fill in page – medium (Includes space for a daily sentence – either to correct or copy).
– Calendar fill in page (2 sides) – hard (Includes space for daily sentence, daily questions, journal, and a word sort.)
– Calendar Page (circle options)
– Calendar Facts
– Sorting by Season
– Sorting Days and Months
– Special Events Countdown

There are 12 velcro pages (with all pieces and 4 pages with several levels of difficulty), 7 fill in pages, and 1 visual for your circle time wall. If you are feeling overwhelmed by classroom setup – this is a great place to start. When you start your morning with a smooth and efficient morning circle time – you will feel more in control the rest of the day (hopefully!).



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Check out my Adapted Calendar Activities {one of my all-time bestsellers!} and start revamping your morning circle time today!



  1. Hi Sasha,

    If you’re using the adapted calendar books in small groups, do you need to have an exact, larger version of the pages in the book on a white board or could the paras be sitting at a table with the students using a page of the book as a visual for them to follow?

  2. I think either way! If you don’t have a large version you could make an extra small version to show as a sample so students can match to sample or have paras help!


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