Let’s Talk About… {Conversation Starters}

Students with autism struggle with conversation skills. Many children have difficulty coming up with novel questions, staying on topic, and asking reciprocal questions. My NEW favorite resource provides targeted and on topic questions on 48 different specific topics. It’s call Let’s Talk About… {Conversation Starters} and has become an instant must-have in our morning routine. We are constantly working on conversation skills in my class and these cards provide the perfect opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics.

We use these during any down time or as quick morning “warm up.” These cards can also be used as daily prompts, in small group settings, or between peers. This set is very useful for down time and for structured breaks!

Conversation Starters - The Autism Helper

48 task cards included each with 5 related questions! Question types include applied, concrete, and inferential! Laminate or print on card stock.

The Autism Helper - Conversation Starters

Close up example:

The Autism Helper - Conversation Starters

Check out this resource – Let’s Talk About… {Conversation Starters} and get your kiddos TALKING!


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