End of Year Reflections

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Each year the end of the year labor of love tends to take over my existence. I have decided to tone it down a little bit this year  but don’t worry there will still be some extravaganza like festivities. We always do an end of the party where we invite parents. This year our party will be combined with a double decker tour bus field trip. Which obviously – will be awesome. In year’s past – I have made a class movie about the year but to be completely honest – it takes FOREVER. I usually get super into and have photo montages with songs and interviews of the students etc. I love making them – but I needed a year off.

We also make class scrapbooks. In an ideal world – where there is enough time to do absolutely everything we need to in one tiny school day – I would make one scrapbook page a month. And then by the end of the year – you magically have a scrapbook to put together. Well in our world of reality – things don’t work out so perfectly. So are spending the end of this week and start of next week making our scrapbooks. I am not laminating them this year – just putting in page protectors and binding with binding rings. Easy peazy!

I made these really fun worksheets for my higher students to write in and we will be adding these to our scrapbooks. Omigosh – did we have a blast filling this pages in. It was tricky – don’t get me wrong – but hilarious. Check out my funny guys:


The Autism Helper - End of Year


(yes spelling – is spelled wrong – and the funniest thing of the year was clearly farting…)

Here are the two pages of questions! We cut out the boxes to put in our scrapbook but these would be fun as a worksheet alone! Download for free here: End of Year Reflection Pages

The Autism Helper - End of Year

The Autism Helper - End of Year



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