Year Long Resources: Leveled Daily Work

Last year, I got my first full year of using my Leveled Daily Work under my belt. It sparked my obsession with year long resources because having this resource ready to go all of last year was honestly life changing for my planning and classroom management.

How it Works:

For each level – there is a worksheet for student responses. The worksheet stays the same each day. Ie. you can make a crap-ton of photo copies at the start of the year and be set for a long time! There are 180 daily work pages that students will use to respond to on their worksheet. There are 180 pages so you can switch out the page each day and it will last the whole year.

The structure stays the same each day – on purpose! When the structure stays the same, students can become independent more quickly. They can focus on the actual skills and work as opposed to learning the structure of the worksheet or activity. Last year – it was amazing to see how quickly my kids became independent at this task.

How I Use It:

I use all three levels of this resource (buy the BUNDLE to save some bills). I use Level 1 with my lowest level learners. We started the year doing this activity together as part of our morning group. At first my students needed a lot of help, but before my eyes my babies got independent! It was great because while one student completed the Daily Work – I could work one on one with another student. Ahhh – multi-tasking success!


I used Level 2 with my mid-level group. We spent the entire month of September doing it together. By October, I transitioned it to independent morning work. The students completed the activity on their own (with some prompts and prodding at times) and then we checked it as a group when we came together for reading instruction.



My highest level students use Level 3. The complete it on their own and then we alternate between quick checks and more thorough check through in our reading groups.


How You Can Adapt This:

I have gotten a great slew of ideas on how to adapt this from so many of you! I LOVE hearing all of the creative and innovate ways everyone has utilized this resource!

  • display the Daily Work Page on a projector, smart board, or iPad: I LOVE this idea. No need to use one drop of ink from your printer. My higher functioning students actually take a picture of the daily work page on the iPad if there isn’t enough room at the table where the page is displayed.
  • decrease the amount of work: My coworker adapted Level 1 by only showing one word of the day each day and giving the student more space to write the words. IMG_6814


What Others Are Saying:

Don’t take my word on how much this resource will improve your stress level. Check out the feedback on these resources. Your feedback seriously MAKES MY DAY. I love hearing how you all utilize these resources and how much your kids enjoy using these activities!


  1. Hi Sasha, what resources do you use for reading?

  2. Love this product. I used levels 1 and 2 in my ESY classroom. We adapted level 1 for a non writer by making visuals for all of the vocabulary words and he had to sort them into the 2 columns. Another excellent resource!

  3. I LOVE hearing how people adapt this! So cool! Great idea!

  4. Do you have an answer key for the level 3 Daily Work and Measurement Mega Pack?

  5. Just added the directions and answer key. Just re-download the product. Thanks for your input!


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