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The start of the year is stressful. We have so freaken much to do that it’s hard to even get started because the pile of work is so monumental. As special education teachers, we don’t have a preset curriculum to follow. There is no perfect set of textbooks or workbooks that fits the needs for our diverse caseloads. So on top of the classroom setup, bulletin boards, organization, and everything else we have somehow got to figure out what the heck our kids will be doing all year. By the time I’ve finalize schedules, routines, and behavior plans – it’s late October and that point I’m just taking my planning week by week and trying to get through.

My absolute saving grace has been Year Long Resources. Stress relief doesn’t even begin to explain the effect the resources have on my year and on my life. That maybe sounds dramatic or over-exagerating but it’s not. Knowing that one portion of my day is planned completely for the entire year is beyond valuable. It gives me the time to focus on staff training, assessments, behavior plans, IEPs, parent communication, and everything else on our massive plate of work!


This week we are going to review the different year long resources that we have to offer and share the ins and outs of each resource!


The Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum is brand new. I have been working on it all spring and summer. I didn’t teach summer school. I didn’t work as an adjunct. I didn’t go to the beach. I sat at my computer and like a little nut and worked on this for forever. I have NEVER been more excited about a product. I was literally giddy with excitement putting in the final edits. Knowing that my language arts curriculum is set for the entire school year is beyond amazing.

I am pregnant and due in November. This curriculum plans my entire maternity leave. My students will be in the routine. They will have work for each and every day. The data system is set up. Phew.


Layout of the Curriculum

  • 3 Levels: You can buy each level separately or buy the bundle of all 3. The bundle is perfect for the multilevel classrooms so many of us teach in. Level 1 is for your students that need to work on foundational skills and have limited verbal abilities. Level 2 introduces basic academic skills. Level 3 focuses on more complex and advanced academics.
  • Units: Each level has 8 units + a review unit. Each unit focuses on 2-3 target skills. The units also build and continue to review previously mastered topics. Each unit has a pre-test, post-test, grading rubric, data sheet, anchor chart, and 20 activities.
  • Year Long: Ideally, you could use one activity a day and have a year’s worth of activities. But many of our students are different! You may want to lengthen each unit to take longer. You can repeat the activities and add in extension activities.
  • Extras: Each Level also includes a curriculum map, lesson plan templates, and data sheets.

I made some pretty in-depth video tours. These video previews explain the structure of the curriculum, the amazingness of the grading rubric (utilizes data-based decision making!), and gives a bunch of examples of the activities included. Check out the videos to learn even more!

Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum Level 1 Product Preview

Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum Level 2 Product Preview

Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum Level 3 Product Preview



If you are looking for something to make your year less stressful while still being a kick-butt stellar teacher – check out our Leveled Daily Curriculum for your classroom!


  1. This looks great. How difficult would this be for a parent to implement as a homeschool program? I’m looking for something to use over summer break to help schedule out my child’s day, prevent loss of skills, and to get a clearer picture of where my child is academically. I want to avoid her simply vegging out all summer on her iPad or the television and to keep her busy (when she gets mentally bored; we have behavioral challenges). Thanks and congratulations on the baby.

  2. This would be perfect for homeschool! I actually have some of my in-home clients working with this system and it goes really well. It’s really easy to set up and the instructions will give you all the info you need! And of course I am happy to help with advice in any way! 🙂

  3. Quick question: do you also pair your leveled Language Arts curriculum with a reading program? Or is it the total package?

  4. Does the one year subscription include every subject and level?

    • Yep!


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