Year Long Resource: Leveled Homework

Special Education Teachers are busy. We have IEPs, lesson plans, behavior plans, staff training, staff meetings, parent meetings, parent communication, communication systems, AAC devices, clinician collaboration, case managers, and once in a blue moon we may need to use the bathroom. The absolute last thing on our radar is homework. We are elbow deep in the craziness of back to school season and some well- meaning but not well-received parent asks when we are planning on starting to send homework home. The first time I got that message, I’m pretty sure I sobbed. As a new teacher, I could barely get through planning for the school day much less planning for what my kids will be doing after the school day.

If you have ever felt like me, don’t feel bad. I have the solution. Leveled Homework to the rescue. This product will last you seamlessly from August to June – the ENTIRE school year! There are 3 Levels and a Bundle to grab all 3 sets. Each level contains 36 weekly homework packets. Each packet has different work for each day of the week! Print once, make copies, and your prep work is done. It’s that simple.


Having homework ready to go for the entire school year will free up your time to focus on making your school day run as smoothly as possible.

Each homework packet is two pages with a section for each day of the week. This is a major time saver and ensure all students are busy with appropriately leveled work! This will free up your time & provide appropriate homework activities for the whole year!




If you aren’t sure of which level to grab – check out the video tours and see each and every page of the resource.


  1. Hi! I have found your site so very useful and am so happy I stumbled upon it. I have reviewed your leveled homework and love the resource however I am finding that it is too advanced for the children I have this year. I teach K-2, 6:1:1. Most of the students are new to school and we have been working on establishing rules and routines. Now that we are a month in, we are expected to send home homework each night. I am at a loss because i am uncertain of what kind of homework I should send home. I want it to be meaningful and something the children can do without their parents doing it for them (my past experience). I like your format and would like to stick to it if possible, meeting the needs of my students. They are low functioning cognitively and have poor motor skills. Do you have suggestions on what I can do for homework? We are working on tracing lines, cutting lines, shapes I’d, and color Id at the moment. The students are inconsistent in expressive language so something that focusing on receptive is ideal, with a few activities to encourage expressive language. We have a color and shape for the week and the children engage in matching activities, arts and crafts, smartboard games, etc. Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Hi Nia! A few ideas – what about making an interactive homework binder with matching pages that the students keep at home? They can do the matching pages each day and then the parent undoes it. I have done this in the past with a lot of success. I would use pages like these: If you have to send home something each day, I would recommend some pages from the vocabulary units. I have one for each season plus some basic skill and functional units. Here are the links: You could send home the tracing pages, matching pages as cut and paste, and the vocabulary page for the parent to practice receptive language vocabulary. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. HI Sasha,
    I was wondering how you created your homework packs. Did it take you a long time? My problem is my students are a bit all over the place. They might be level 3 in langauge but level 2 in math, others are somewhere between level 1 and 2 in language and about level 2 in math. if i send home the homework sheets as you have created them they won’t be able to complete the work. Most of my students have parents that wont be able to help them because they are don’t have the english skills to do that. Not only do my students have developmental delays but many of the families are also ESL. Do the skills in your homework pack follow what you are teaching/working on in the classroom?

  4. Hi Chalette – I totally understand, it gets tricky when kids are at different levels. The homework packs honestly did take forever to create because there are so many pages and the content changes each day. The skills in the homework doesn’t follow exactly what we are working on/teaching but rather is at a level the students can complete on their own. So the homework is all previously mastered skills. Maybe you could use components of the LA and Math curriculum as homework? Give them the level below their instructional level to complete on their own?


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