Writing IEP Goals with TAH Curriculum

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One of my favorite features of The Autism Helper Curriculum is the Curriculum Map. This one page gives that big picture overview that was always missing before I had a clear curriculum. This page is your path and your plan. This page is also going to be a great tool for writing your IEP Goals.

Once you determine your students’ level, review the curriculum map for the core concepts worked on at this level. These concepts were selected to be standard aligned and related to the developmental process that skills develop. Use the concepts in the curriculum map to write your goals. You can use unit concepts as benchmarks or create 1-2 goals for each subject based on what is most important for that learner. Look for the common themes that go through the curriculum and identify the concepts that are significant for your learner.

You do not need an IEP goal for every single concept that is taught in the curriculum. Remember a lot of these concepts work together or build. So even though you don’t have a goal for synonyms and antonyms this will increase your student’s skill set when it comes to writing a narrative – which maybe you do have a goal for. This is the time to prioritize and determine which are the essential skills to really focus on tracking progress over time. 

If you are a Curriculum Access user, now is when those standard alignment pages are going to be invaluable. Once you decide the skill you are writing a goal for, use the standards alignment page to align to pull the grade level standard it aligns with.


If your student is using Language Arts Level 2, we see a lot of content included in the curriculum map. One common thread is the decoding piece in most units. This could be a great goal for your learner. The overall goal would be: Johnny will decode and read aloud common words while reading words in isolation or within a text on 9 out of 10 consecutive opportunities. Benchmark 1: Johnny will decode and read aloud long and short vowel words. Benchmark 2: Johnny will decode and read loud words with blends. Benchmark 3: Johnny will decode and read loud words with digraphs.

You will have data embedded into the curriculum to show progress as well as the scores on the pre and post tests to bring you towards the mastery criteria you set .

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  1. I already have many of the leveled curriculum how do I get the common core standards for each That you have shown above?

  2. I agree with Joni’s comment. I have purchased quite a few of your level 1 curricula for ELA/reading comp/math/science/SS and would love to see the common core standards for each. Please offer these to people who buy curriculum individually. Not all of us can afford the subscription fee.

    • Hi there! Totally understand. Aligning this to CCSS was an extensive process and we actually hired a team of teachers to do this. The individual price of the curriculum is based on the curriculum alone and doesn’t take the CCSS alignment into account.

  3. I hear you about the process…but those of us who have paid for the curriculum would maybe like the opportunity to pay to have access to the alignment. My district may not let me continue to use the materials if I can’t show how they align.

    • Hi Kim, We can send a sample if needed. However, the curriculum purchased individually did account for this time and money invested into creating the alignment so was not included in the purchase cost.


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