If you target one functional literacy goal this year – make it personal information. Every student can work on this goal at some level. Whether it’s basic like responding to the question “what’s your name?” or more complex like naming your zip code and area code – it’s very likely your students will have some need in this area.

Personal information is SUCH a critical skill. I have been in many a school office when a 7th grader asks the school clerk to call his moms cell and then doesn’t know the phone number. “Well I normally have my cell phone, but Ms. So and So took it away.” Sorry bud that cell phone won’t be with you forever. Cell phone batteries dies, they fall in toilets, they get taken away. And sometimes you have to know a few phone numbers by heart. If there is an emergency – if you student gets lost, if the bus gets in an accident on the way to school, if your student’s mom passes out at home – how will your student be able to talk to a police officer? Will they be able to say their mom’s name, phone number, school name, etc.? Let’s work towards that goal!

Daily Questions

Incorporate this into your daily activities through regular questions in circle time or morning meeting. Use visuals or moveable pieces so all students can be involved. This is easy to differentiate and target specific questions for specific learners.

Daily Binder Work

Adapted Books

Job Applications

With your older students – look up job applications from local restaurants and stores for your students to practice completing. It’s always interesting see the different word use and order on different job applications.

Video Tutorial: Using Discrete Trial Training to Teach Name Identification

Video Tutorial: Fading the Last Letter in Name

Video Tutorial: Sorting Letters in Your Name

Check out all of these resources in my Personal Info Mega Pack! 

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