Working on Associations

Associations is hard for me to teach.It’s important because it is the foundation skills of categorizing – understanding which items go together. Identifying key features that are similar and pairing them. Those are some high level cognitive skills that are imperative to develop. It’s also a major component on the ABLLS. But with some of our lower level students – this is easier said than done. The key is repetition and multiple exemplars. So repetition but using a wide range of activities and opportunities so your more clever kiddos don’t memorize the task. I don’t know how many teachers I seen that have said a skill is “mastered” because a student can independently complete one file folder. I mean, come on. You don’t think that kiddo has memorized where those 9 laminated pieces go. Because they have. You need to provide loads of different opportunities!

I LOVE this task to work on associations because of the variety and range of picture options. And take a wild guess where it is from… I know I will shock you all. Ugh – my one true love; Lakeshore Learning. How could I teach without this store of unending amazement?

what goes together task

This is task is called What Goes Together? and provides magnetic matching tasks for working on associations. There are 36 pieces for plenty of opportunity to practice a range of associative matching!




  1. ANy idea if they still make and sell this product. I was just awarded a grant to use on Lakeshore products and this is one I would like to purchase. THe other is the question of the day. I can not find either online. Please help if you can. THanks Kim Rost

  2. I can’t find it either! I will look for other versions!


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