Work Tasks that Work for Kids with Oral Sensory Needs

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I am sure most of you have a student or two who has one of the world’s most annoying habits. They put everything in their mouth. It’s unhygenic, it’s messy, and mostly it’s just gross. A lot of ‘mouthing’ behavior is sensory related so be sure to check out the sensory behavior management post for some intervention ideas. But in the mean time – what the heck can you have that kiddo work on with ruining all your laminated tasks. Unless you want your file folder activities nice and soaked through – you will need to think outside the box!

I love making tasks using things I can find around the classroom as the matching pieces. You can trace the pieces on cardboard and color them in. These tasks are super simple to make and perfect for those guys that can’t stop putting stuff in their mouths.

Check out these tasks for some ideas 🙂







Check out my pinterest work task board for more work task ideas!


  1. What about tasks for higher level mouthers. My mouther is at reading, writing, spelling, adding etc type level. Drives me crazy-everything is straight in there! We are in the summer holidays now, and I already know what his iep goal will be after we return to school!!!

  2. If he is higher functioning I would try working on an interval intervention – check out this post . Also – try gum!


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