Work Tasks {Math and Social Studies}

I PROMISE this post will not be any where near as long as yesterday’s insanely long reading post. Want to know why I can promise this? Because I don’t love teaching math. Actually I don’t even like teaching math. Ugh. I’m just not a math person. Never have been, never will be. But it’s part of the job so I do what I can. So here is How/when/where my math instruction occurs:

  • Teacher Time: direct instruction station where I work one on one or two on one with students, I like to use mini white boards to target math operations according to IEP goals. I also use adapted materials to teach new money and time skills. I also work on basic word problems and iPad apps!
  • Fluency Station: Most of my students work on math operations, time, and money in their fluency station. Check out the post for setup tips.
  • Table Time: I have some functional math skill tasks included in my table time independent work station. Check out my post on table time or my work station pinterest board.
  • Hands-Materials: In my independent work station center, I include hands-on math materials to reinforce mastered math skills.
  • Homework: Most of my students get one worksheet of previously mastered math problems included in their homework packet each night.


Teacher Time: In my teacher time station I really love to use white boards to practice math facts. It saves paper and time and you can adjust the type of problems you are working in a flash.


The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

I love working on word problems with my students. I printed out a bunch of different word problems of varying difficulty (mostly 1st and 2nd grade level), put them in top loading sheets, and kept them in one binder. Then we work out the problems on a mini dry erase board. Word problems are super difficult for my kiddos. Language is already so difficult and then combing that with math – ouch! But it’s good to keep them challenged :)

Another big focus of my teacher time math instruction is MONEY! In my mind, this is one of the most important math concepts because it is such an essential life skill. This incorporates right into community based instruction. Using money fluently will enable my students to be even more functionally independent! I use my Money Mega Pack all the time. It has tons of different visual materials to work on coin identification and adding money. This packet is great for a variety of types of learners – to work on easy math skills as well as more complex money tasks.


I also love using the iPad for math instruction in teacher time. This is also great when I’m working with one student, the other student can use a math app to work on math skills independently. Ahhh- no time wasted people!!

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

Hands-on materials: I use  hands-on math materials for my students to use during independent work time.I love these math puzzles. Easy and ready to go! I store them in snack size ziploc baggies and taped the label on the front. I put on the directions to write the problems after doing the puzzle. This will be a great way to reinforce the skills even more.

In our morning group, we do some math activities related to weather such as this daily graphing activity. It’s a great way to incorporates less verbal students in an academic math activity:

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

Social Studies Instruction: For my social studies instruction, my coworker and I switch classes which is the most amazing thing ever. She does science for both classes and I do social studies. This let us each spend the time making more higher quality and individualized units. Here is everything & anything:

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks    The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks     The Autism Helper - Work Tasks

The Autism Helper - Work Tasks


  1. Are you using a specific math curriculum with your class?

  2. No – I create my own! 🙂


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