WordToob: Language and Learning with Video Modeling

I am really excited about today’s app review because I have been using every morning with one of my students and it has been going really well. Today I will be sharing – WordToob with you. This app was created by speech pathologist and is developed to specifically focus on learning new words and skills in a fun and engaging way. It utilizes video modeling which I love but aren’t always organized enough to incorporate into my teaching programs.

You can play WordToob in two ways – Find the Word to focus on building receptive language and Free Play which allows the child to hear the word when they press the button.


Here is a sample board. In the Find a Word game – a word is said and the student needs to locate the picture.


If the incorrect answer is chosen, the picture is removed. If the correct answer is chosen, it moves to the video modeling portion of the app. A few second video immediately opens up – showing the word in action. I love this because children with autism can be visual learners and need concrete examples when learning new topics. This fits perfectly for that need.


There are some pre-made boards with emotions and hand washing steps already set up for you. The emotion board is awesome with the videos included.



Everything is customizable which I am really excited about. You can change the size of the board, add your own pictures, and play around with all of the settings. I have really jumped into this feature yet but my hope is to take pictures of actual items in the classroom and work on building receptive language using things we see in our daily life.



This app is actually something I was looking for two years ago for an in-home therapy client I was working with. He was super motivated by the iPad and had several receptive language programs. There are a lot of great receptive language apps out there but I wanted one that was easy to customize both the field size and the pictures.

Overall: The major plus to this app is the option for complete customization and the video modeling. I know video modeling is an effective teaching method for my students but I don’t always have access to the right equipment to utilize video modeling. This app integrates video modeling into a receptive language program in a way that is beneficial and easy to understand. Check out WordToob on iTunes.

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  1. Thank you for the review. If I can do anything to support your work feel free to ask. I believe in the app but without people like you it would not reach the people who may benefit from it. So grateful you took the time to review….John


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