Winter Writing Prompts

Thematic writing is the best. The kids are into it. It’s functional. We get to discuss vocabulary and concept that are relevant (can you say future conversation starter!?). I have a big ole’ packet full of tons of fun winter themed writing activities – Write about Winter!. January is a long month before February starts with the entourage of Valentine themed activities piling in like loose pine needles after taking down a Christmas tree. Ugh – you can tell that fiasco is still haunting me. I tell myself every year – if you get the huge tree and crapload of garland that’s going to mean a huge tree and crapload of garland’s worth of pine needles. I swear I swallowed some pine needles taking that dang tree down.

Let me give you a peak what’s all included! There are over 35 different winter themed writing activities to work on descriptive, narrative, and imaginative writing. There are also some graphic organizer worksheets, a letter writing task, and noun/adjective/verb sorts. All – of course – winter themed 🙂



sort and write

They are going to LOVE these Silly Story worksheets. They love anything make believe and you know how hilarious a talking penguin is (sarcasm… maybe…). I also made these a little tricky to incorporate some problem solving (sneaky, sneaky me). Each prompt lays out a problem and students need to finish the story.

silly stories

I am most excited for these Make a List worksheets! My students really need to work on organizing their thoughts and ideas. This is a great, visual way to start on this skill.

make a list

Check out this video product preview:

Download today on TpT:  Write about Winter! Visual Writing Prompts and Activities! 


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