Winter Vocabulary Unit

I am super excited about this new product. Last year I shared my Receptive Language Vocabulary Pages and got a lot of great feedback. Well – I’m finally getting to posting it and then some! And don’t worry – I data-fied it a bit and added some extension activities. Gotta keep those hands busy! That’s been my mantra lately. Keep hands busy. Keep hands busy. We have SO many less behavioral issues when my guys are engaged and working. The tasks are already a life saver because they are perfect for those pesky few minutes of down time before switching activities.

They are also great because I sometimes have major guilt issue over seasonal activities for my lower functioning groups. I always have so many great language arts and math activities to incorporate into the seasonal madness but with my other groups – I sometimes struggle. This is a perfect marriage of seasonal and purposeful. It still targets my expressive/receptive language goals but with a holiday twist. Also, having the same structure for the activities is essential! You don’t have to waste time teaching the format each time – you can jump right in to the new content.

The Winter Vocabulary Unit contains curriculum for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Winter, and Valentine’s Day. It’ll last you right through February 🙂

Included for each theme are:

Vocabulary Quick Guide:

I keep this in a top loading sheet in my direct instruction area. I use it for receptive and expressive language instruction. It’s perfect for filling any downtime in a meaningful way.

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Visual Data Sheet for Receptive or Expressive Language:

I’m not going to lie – I got down right giddy making this data sheet. No jokes. Giddy. Before you judge, hear me out. Having the little mini visual makes life SO MUCH EASIER. Instead of needing to waste time writing down stimuli or finding the word I just asked the child – I just glance down and find the picture. Glorious. Pure perfection. The data sheet has enough space for a weeks’ worth of data on either receptive (teacher says, student points) or expressive (teacher points, student says) language development. Instructions are included! 🙂

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Matching Activities:

Picture and word versions included! Can be made into a file folder, binder page, or cut/paste activity. Great for skill extension.

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit   The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Tracing Page:

Great to work on beginning writing or spelling skills.

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Writing Page:

Boxes help our big writers. I am laminating all of these pages to use with dry erase markers.

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Spelling Page:

Use velcro letters to spell vocabulary words – perfect for non writers!

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit

Check out the video product preview of the Winter Vocabulary Unit to see all pages included. This resource will last a bunch of weeks!


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