Cooking is such a fun activity that sneakily incorporates a lot of learning. Shhh. Don’t tell your kids. If you have work avoidant kiddos – the ones that will do annnnnything to get out of doing even a tiny bit of work – you better make cooking a part of your curriculum. You can target turn taking, commenting, vocabulary, sequencing, following directions, answering wh- questions, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension all while making something delicious to eat. It’s a win/win. 

My Summer and Halloween Treats & Snacks were such a hit the you know I had to come up with a Winter Themed Version! Winter Treats and Snacks is perfect for this time of year because everyone is ready for something new and fun. These visual recipes are simple and easy and only require a microwave! 

Here are two of my favs:

Happy cooking! Check out the Winter Treats and Snacks pack!

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