Winter Holiday Resource Round Up

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With winter break rapidly approaching, attentions often become distracted and motivation fluctuates with staff and students alike!  My favorite winter holiday themed resources will help to hold attention and keep everyone learning right up to winter break. These fun activities will hopefully help ease those post-break blues, too!

1. Winter Themed Sequencing File Folders

This new (free!) product is available as a PDF download for in-person use and as a TpT Easel Activity.  It has sequencing tasks related to winter activities and Christmas. For an extension activity, I love to use each sequence as a prompt to try to identify steps that might come before or after the steps that are pictured. Check out this quick clip of the TpT Easel version!  Find this resource here!

2. Christmas Adapted Book Series

These 3 adapted books are student and teacher favorites!  One book targets “what doing” using fun Santa-action images. A second book targets prepositions.  The third book (my personal favorite!) has pieces to build a gingerbread house while following color and quantity directions. The third book is also available as a digital TpT Easel activity which you can see in the clip on the right! Find this series here! 

3. How Many? What Color? What? Winter Edition Adapted Book

Okay- so *technically* this is not holiday themed but it is winter appropriate and great for using when you return from winter break. This book can be used for months giving it great value.  This book targets color identification, counting/matching a number to a quantity, and vocabulary naming.  There is a Christmas Version of this book, too!  Check out the winter edition here!

4. Winter Work Tasks Mega Pack

I am obsessed with this new product! It has 25 different work tasks and many of them have multiple levels of complexity. This resource uses a lot of real photos and real-life activities making it age-appropriate for older learners or a life skills program.  It also has activities targeting skills like colors, quantities, and shapes making it simple to differentiate for students with varying skills. There are tasks/vocabulary that are specifically holiday themed (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine’s Day) as well as activities that are winter-themed.  Check this resource out here! 

5. Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks- Christmas Edition

The Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks are one of my all-time favorite products and this Christmas edition is no exception.  There is one book for each day of the week to keep it interesting.  These books target errorless matching, identical matching, and color matching.  There is also an awesome all-digital version of this resource to use with Google Slides or BoomLearning. Find the printably version here!

I hope some of these resources get you excited and motivated to push through the end of 2021!  The Autism Helper team hopes you have a happy and healthy holiday season and restful winter break!

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