Winter Clothes Receptive Language Activity

My speech pathologist and I love working on receptive language skills through these coloring worksheets. We do these with my students with emerging language skills and it has been so effective! This is such an easy and effective way to target receptive language, following multiple step directions, vocabulary, and colors. These can be hard skill to target for some of our lower level learners.

So the worksheet looks really basic. The activity consists of sets of items.   I love how it’s separated into small groups of items. We even covered up the other rows for some students to limit the visual stimuli present. You can easily make this harder or easier.

You present the worksheet to the student and then present simple directions. Again you can adjust the level of difficulty easily. We started with basic commands like, “color the hat” or “circle the boots.” Then we made it more difficult “color the mittens green” or “color the scarf yellow.” You can up it even more by saying “color the item to the left of the coat purple.” Whoa.

The Autism Helper - Receptive Language Activity

My kids really liked this and it was simple enough for my lower level learners. I love activities that can be quickly and readily adapted for a range of kids.

The Autism Helper - Receptive Language Activity

Download the winter clothes receptive language worksheet for free here:  Winter Clothes. If you love this activity as much as I do here is another template: Receptive Language Worksheet.

For other ideas for students with emerging verbal skills – check out this post on evoking expressive language, this post on literacy for nonreaders, and this post on graphing for nonverbal students.



  1. Thank you Sasha !
    This post has given me some new ways to help my non-verbal kid who finds it hard to discriminate visually.

  2. Awesome! Happy to hear!


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