Wimpy Kid Door Decor

Another dirty, sweaty day of classroom setup-palooza. I got a ton done today though – it’s finally getting there! Thought I’d share last year’s door decor with you all before I switch it out. Last year we read Diary of a Wimpy Kid as part of our Being a Good Friend Unit. My kids LOVED it. We did a read aloud of the first book in the series. We actually only got halfway through so I think I will start it over this year. At first, I thought it might be too hard for my kids since receptive language can be so challenging. They actually did really well though. The Wimpy Kid books have a ton of cartoon pictures which helped with comprehension (don’t you love those built in visual cues??) and the content was right up their alley. Nothing like Halloween pranks and farts to get some preteen boys excited about reading, hugh?

We decorated our door for Family Reading Night last year for our Wimpy Kid Unit (sorry – kind of a bad pic – the glare was bad):

We drew pictures of ourselves as Wimpy Kids:

And made Wimpy cartoon version of ourselves at wimpyouself.com. So cute!

The Diary of Wimpy Kid actually provided so many great topics for discussion. My kids loved calling out who was being a ‘bad friend.’ We also talk about making judgements, being nice/not nice, and honesty. Some heavy topics for my kiddos! It fit in perfectly in our Friendship unit! I also love that this book is age appropriate. I often struggle to find content that is academically and developmentally appropriate. All the of the junior high kids on our floor complimented my kids on our Wimpy Kid door 🙂


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  1. What a good way to teach that concept!


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