Why You Should Start Cooking in Your Classroom this Summer

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I was presenting at a PD recently and asked the crowded room, “Who does cooking in their classroom?” I had barely finished the question before I launched it all of the benefits and skills that can be targeting through cooking activities. I was so caught up in my own answer that I almost hadn’t noticed right away that only a handful of teacher raised their hands to this question. “Hold on. Only a few of you do cooking? We need to rewind.” I then went in a very lengthy and detailed sales pitch on cooking. Hopefully I converted a few. Sometimes I assume everyone is all in on the classroom based cooking. But for some teachers, it may be overwhelming. If you are thinking, where do I start? What if it doesn’t go well? Where can I jump in? I think the summer is the perfect time to tackle this endeavor. Start small and fun. And start right now in the summer months! 

Whether you are trudging your way through the final days of the school year, embarking on an epic summer school journey, or getting yourselves nestled in for a fun summer home with your own babies – it’s time for some fun. It’s time to loosen the reigns, let your hair down, and get silly with it. We worked out butts off this year (your kids included) and it’s time for a well deserved break for everyone involved. These Summer Treats and Snacks fit the bill. Created at the suggestion of a brilliant reader a few summers ago – I was instantly in love with the simplicity and pure joy these brought all kids. I even brought these recipes with me to a family trip to Michigan last August and had a blast making afternoon snacks each day with my little cousins.

So have some fun this summer and make some delicious treats! Your kids (and you) will enjoy it!

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